BiH: Natural beauties of Bihać

Every year, Bihać and its surroundings attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists who like to get to know the cities and fairy-tale landscapes of BiH.

Bihać, a city in the west of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thanks to its natural beauty, cultural and historical monuments and many sights, is among the most famous tourist destinations in the country, reports Anadolu.

Every year, Bihać and its surroundings attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists who like to get to know the cities and fairy-tale landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Golubić, a place on the bank of the river Una, is an increasingly popular destination, and the beauty of this area was noted by the reporter of the Anadolu Agency (AA) at the end of May.

During a tour of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should not miss a visit to Štrbačka buk, one of the most visited points of the Una National Park, next to Martinbrod and Kulen-Vakuf.

Before entering the first larger canyon, the Una river descends down the 24-meter-high Štrbački buk, which, along with the Martinbrod waterfalls, is the most beautiful waterfall on this river that flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

The Japod Islands, which represent a cultural and archaeological area, located in the Račić settlement near Bihać, surrounded by greenery and the river Una, are also indispensable.

– Increased number of arrivals, overnight stays and accommodation capacity –

The city of Bihać, observing the statistics of tourist arrivals, records a positive growth trend every year. According to the Tourist Board of the City of Bihać, with the increase in overnight stays and the arrival of domestic and foreign guests, there is also an increase in registered accommodation capacities.

Dijana Pečenković, acting director of the Tourist Board of the City of Bihać, told AA that when it comes to accommodation capacity, there is a lack of hotels that can accommodate larger groups (more than 45 people), since the ones they have are insufficient.

“Bihać with its geographical position, natural beauty, located between two national parks, Plitvička Jezera National Park and Una National Park, is really one, I would probably say to many, an ‘undiscovered gem’,” Pečenković said.

– A destination for lovers of untouched nature –

She added that, statistically speaking, the city is mostly visited by citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“At the same time, we are glad because we think it is necessary to get to know our country first before we go outside its borders”, said Pečenković, adding that guests from Croatia and Slovenia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are among the frequent visitors.

Bihać is becoming more and more famous in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries, where most of the tourists come, Pečenković adds, in search of untouched nature that they can see and feel through activities such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, rafting, sport fishing…

“With that offer, we are really rich and have something to brag about. When we complete all this with a rich program throughout the whole year, especially from June to September, where a number of concerts, festivals, sports events, exhibitions and the like await us, then I think we can say that we are really a tourist destination worth visiting”, they said. from the Tourist Board of the City of Bihać.