Banja Luka: “Art that no one needs” collected more than 10,000 KM for a public kitchen (Photo)

The charity auction “Art that no one needs” was held on Wednesday, May 8, for the second time. At this event, 10,410 KM was collected for the users of the “Meal of Love” public kitchen.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the space of Dom omladine was too tight for all those interested in almost 150 works and objects, which were donated by more than 50 artists and collectives. The outcome of the bidding positively surprised the organizers themselves.

“We were sure that we would collect more funds than last year,” explains Nenad Bosnić, whose novel “The World” was also auctioned, “but we really did not expect to literally double the amount. Visitors allocated 50% more money for the works than last time, and when we added to that the amount allocated by companies such as Tropic and Moj market, NLB banka, Smart Office and others, we reached figures that no one really expected . We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of them, because we know how much this support will mean to the Mosaic Friendship association, which runs the public kitchen.”

Musician Andra Kiddo, who presented the premiere of her single and music video “Besmrtan”, believes that the novelties of the second edition were key to moving the scale compared to the first event.

“One of the main goals was to expand the circle of creatives who participate and the arts that are represented, so that the whole story is more contained, colorful and attractive. In the end, it was pieces by independent fashion designers that fetched huge sums, music and dance performances were well received, real bidding battles were held for tattooing and portrait drawing… With all the photos, paintings, books and other art forms that have been from the beginning backbone of the idea, we created an event where you simply couldn’t leave without buying at least something small. We want to thank a lot and all those people who gave their works, objects or time, because it was only thanks to them that it was possible to achieve such results”, she says.

“Art that no one needs” was organized for the first time in July 2023, when 5,002 KM were collected, also for the users of the public kitchen “Meal of Love”. At that time, more than 30 artists and collectives participated and bids were made for around 100 works.