Autumn sowing in Republika Srpska – For wheat producers 500 BAM per hectare

Boris Pasalic, the Republika Srpska’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, announced that wheat farmers will have access to 500 BAM of help per hectare for autumn sowing, an increase from the previous year.

– Previously, they had 400 BAM, and now that amount has been increased to 500 BAM. We are preparing a set of measures for corn producers and next year we expect a larger agricultural budget, as well as relief measures in the procurement of seeds and increased quantities for regressed diesel – Pasalic told reporters in Banja Luka.

He noted that there are issues on the ground, particularly in Semberija, Lijevce polje, and some areas of Posavina while commenting on the harm brought on by the drought.

– The damage is highest on corn. Our estimate is that, when we look at the projected yield of 6.8 to seven tons of corn that we had in the spring, we are now at some 4.5 to five tons, which represents some 30% reduction in the yield of the multi-year average – says Pasalic.

The Minister cannot declare a state of natural catastrophe, he adds, despite the fact that some land parcels have been completely devastated, since the majority of the Republika Srpska is unaffected.

Pasalic stressed that domestic consumption must come first when it comes to the current ban on the export of pellets.

– I do not understand the attitude of pellet producers who do not want to meet the needs of the local population. The development of this situation depends on them, and if they enable our population to be supplied with pellet, export will be allowed, and if this does not happen, I am afraid that this measure may be extended – said the Minister of Agriculture. He reminded that the Ministry oversees the execution of the agreement that 10,000 tons be released on the territory of Republika Srpska at a cost of 480 BAM + VAT per ton.