An exhibition about Srebrenica opened at the UN headquarters in New York

A unique exhibition of the Srebrenica Memorial Center was opened at the UN headquarters in New York.

This exhibition, which includes artifacts, photographs and video testimonies of survivors, is extremely important for preserving the memory of the victims of the genocide and raising awareness of the genocide.

“A great deal of effort and dedication was put into making this exhibition a reality and we are extremely proud of our team who worked tirelessly on this project. We sincerely thank the Permanent Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN for their support and help in making this important event possible. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this historic moment,” the Srebrenica Memorial Center announced.

Photographs by Armin Durgut entitled “Mortuaries” were also displayed at the exhibition. It is about shoes that were distributed to the people of Srebrenica, which were actually shoes worn by the dead for burial. These shoes of murdered Srebrenica residents were found in the mass graves as well as on the way of the Death March.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the mothers of Srebrenica, Ambassador Zlatko Lagumdžija and numerous dignitaries.