A Mostar entrepreneur invests in a new form of tourism: What is life without a little risk?

Mostar entrepreneur Senad Šantić is opening the first space in Mostar where digital nomads will be able to live and work.

Šantić announced on LinkedIn that the “Old Town Nest”, the first so-called, will start operating soon. Co-living/Co-working space in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I invested in ‘Starogradsko gnijezdo’, the first Co-living/Co-working space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also my new home. I always felt that Mostar could offer more than a day trip to see the old bridge, buy a souvenir and leave,”  he wrote.

For this reason, he decided to invest in a new form of tourism, and he hopes that many others will follow him.

Old Town Nest” is a cozy building in the old town of Mostar, where traveling professionals and digital nomads can come, enjoy the sun, but also work.

old town nest

The space, among other things, has the so-called Co-working space (with monitors), living room and fast internet connection that ensures connection all the time. All rooms and apartments also have a small work corner with a monitor at your disposal.

The space offers four rental units, two comfortable apartments and two rooms with private bathrooms. The minimum stay is two nights, but prices drop drastically for longer stays.

The space will start working in mid-June. The website will be available soon, but Šantić notes that he can be contacted for reservations in the meantime.

“Even my wife says I’m crazy for putting my life savings into this, but what’s life without a little risk and breaking the mold?” , said Šantić.

By the way, this idea has existed since 2021, when the Dutch entrepreneur Jan de Jong, who initiated the opening of Croatia to digital nomads, announced on his profile on social networks that Senad Šantić had visited him.

Let us remind you that several years ago, Šantić returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Sweden and founded the IT company ZenDev with his friend Nikola Mirković.

He often points out that taking care of workers is the company’s basic mission. So three years ago, he treated all the employees of his company ZenDev to an eight-day paid vacation in Turkey, and after that he decided to reward his employees again by giving them 50 percent of the company’s total profit.

Source: akta.ba