A high school student from Herzegovina solved a 58-year-old math problem

Vuk Janković solved a mathematical problem that the famous mathematician Vladimir Stojanović created 58 years ago.

Vuk Janković, a student of the first grade of the “Jovan Dučić” Gymnasium from Trebinje, solved a mathematical problem that was created by the famous mathematician Vladimir Stojanović 58 years ago. The young Trebinjac was the first, after almost six decades, to come up with one of the two possible solutions to this task, reports topportal.info.

On this occasion, Professor Vladimir Stojanović, the author of more than a hundred textbooks, collections and books in the field of mathematics, came to the Trebinje Gymnasium and presented appropriate gifts to the young mathematician.

“Over the past 58 years, excellent mathematicians, professors, and academics have been trying to solve this problem, but Vuk was the first to come up with one of the two possible solutions, which I am extremely happy about. I handed out a sheet with this task to the participants of the junior Olympiad in mathematics that was held in Albania, and I did it years ago, and you can imagine my pleasure when Vuk contacted me with the solution. I wish him all the luck and that he continues to develop his great talent”, said Stojanović at a small ceremony held at the “Jovan Dučić” Gymnasium.

The young mathematician Vuk Janković pointed out that it was an extraordinary honor for him to have met the legend of mathematics, Professor Stojanović, and to have visited his school in Trebinje.

“Thanks to him and all my professors and teachers. I solved the task for about fifteen days, and as the professor himself says, in addition to mathematical knowledge, creativity was also needed,” said Janković.

He is a multiple republican champion in physics and mathematics, a participant in the mathematics Olympiad in Japan, where he won third place, and in a few days he is expected to participate in the Balkan mathematics Olympiad in Varna, Bulgaria.

Source: blesak.info